Tillwood Estate

The gentle-born Tillwood Family has farmed the interior of Driftcrag Island for as long as any of the locals can remember. An imposing stone mansion looms over the central barns and processing buildings, as well as the homes of the estate’s bonded workers. The estate does a brisk trade with Windbreak, one community sometimes supporting another during shortages on land or at sea. Wheat and flax make up the bulk of production, along with dairy, a small amount of pork, and cool-weather grape strains that are used to make wine.

The estate is currently managed by Sir Marsden Tillwood, who has taken over from his aging father Sir Uthric Tillwood. Sir Marsden’s wife Genevive Tillwood manages the household while he directs the work in the fields.

Although the Tillwoods do not require specific religious belief of their serfs, they provide a weekly service to Pelor, administered by a priest from The Temple of Serene Contemplation of the Perfect Sunrise. Workers are excused from duties to attend the service, if they choose to attend, and few if any are ever absent.

After the Plague

The manor appears to be relatively free from zombies after the plague, due to swift and decisive action on the Tillwoods’ part. Unfortunately either Genevive Tillwood or Sir Uthric Tillwood managed to contract vampirism during the event. Sir Marsden Tillwood convinced the party to bring help from The Temple of Serene Contemplation of the Perfect Sunrise, but the result was disaster. Sir Marsden had succumbed in the interim, and the three vampire Tillwoods managed to attack and destroy Father Melkin and Father Banaloss, the two most senior priests of the Temple short of Father Xosios. A valiant attempt to protect the good fathers resulted in the loss of Sir Reuven, the young priest Sedgwick, the sorcerer Aldym and . All six of the fallen are presumed to have joined the ranks of the House Tillwood vampires.

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Tillwood Estate

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