Windbreak Town

The free town of Windbreak is largely a community of fishermen operating out of a small natural harbor. Some residents operate small farms in the surrounding area, though none are as large or longstanding as Tillwood Estate. It has a blacksmith, chandler, net loft, and the other amenities one would expect in a fishing town. Its market square frequently displays the wares of other groups on the island, as well as the occasional visiting merchant ship.

Mayor Guster Bludok is an old fisherman elected by the voting public: every head of household owning either land or moorage rights in the town. Windbreak’s one public house, the Sea Maiden, sits at the inland edge of town where visitors from other parts of the island enter the town. Inkeep Morton Stonebridge runs the establishment with his daughters.

Most Windbreak citizens pay their religious devotions at a small temple to Poseidon near the waterfront. Though largely a stranger on the North Coast, the Olympian sea-god appeals to the fishermen both in his nautical focus and his priests’ brutally frank acknowledgement of the fickle deadliness of the ocean. A temple to Heironious once offered another option, but has declined to the point that it no longer houses an ordained priest and is now considered just a shrine. The town appears to respect the priests of Pelor at The Temple of Serene Contemplation of the Perfect Sunrise, but considers them foreigners and not the sort a seagoing man would venerate.

After the Plague

Windbreak Town was completely destroyed by the zombie plague. The undead roam the streets and lurk in the remains of houses. Zombies spread like a scourge into its environs.

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Windbreak Town

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