The Temple of Serene Contemplation of the Perfect Sunrise

Perched atop a remote crag over the sea, the stone buildings of the Temple are a haven for silent meditation on the infinite mysteries of Pelor and the Sun. Priests and monks come from the mainland to serve out a period of hermitage or to commit the balance of their lives to seclusion. Although the cloistered brethren are not usually seen outside the Temple, they welcome visitors in their austere fashion and do a regular business in healing spells and potions. They accept service or prayers from those who cannot pay in coin, and will reliably share their bland but nourishing meals with any of the poor motivated enough to climb the many worn steps.

Although the temple grows little more than herbs, it is apparently self-sufficient in all respects. The resident priests are willing to perform the rites of Pelor whenever asked, although they do not proselytize and have no regular flock on the island. Once every week, a priest of the Temple will journey by foot to the Tillwood Estate to administer a service by invitation of Sir Marsden Tillwood.

The elderly Father Xosios nominally leads the temple, but is often too deep in contemplation to be properly concerned with things of this world. Day to day administration is handled by the taciturn and practical Brother Wultarn.

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The Temple of Serene Contemplation of the Perfect Sunrise

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