House Rules

This page is intended to catalogue the various house rules in use and significant rules determinations made during the game.

Character builds

The following rules will be used for all character builds, both initial and replacement. Each player will have one character at a time, but should build a second character, because I expect to kill each of you at least once. And some of you several times. (Muhuhahaha!) Every character replacement, whether due to death, choice, or other, will come in one level below the character being replaced at the time of replacement (minimum first). Build rules:
•32 point buy, per DMG p. 169.
•max hp at 1st level, 3/4 hp rounded up each addl level. Yes, this means you will not roll hit points.
•Starting gold is the fixed amount for a 1st level character (don’t roll) or the DMG p. 135 (table 5-1) amount for experienced characters.
•3.5 rules only. Ask before using non-WOTC books.
•Campaign is set in the Forgotten Realms (Faerun), and characters should be appropriate to that setting. (This includes virtually all official 3.5 content.) Kara-Tur (Asian) characters a allowed, as I assume a certain limited interaction between the two continents, but they will be considered foreigners. Access to cities (for magic item purchase, etc.) will be limited, so self-sufficient characters may have a certain advantage. Expect plenty of outdoor environments, with dungeon crawling becoming a factor only to the extent the party chooses to pursue it. Setting-specific classes/races/etc allowed, Faerun or not, unless otherwise prohibited. I will try to keep specific rulings posted here for reference.
•No Warforged (they don’t work with the world concept.)

New Players:

This group is largely composed of people who have known each other for an extended time and is not actively recruiting for new players beyond those invited by the GM or other group members. Nevertheless, if you are interested, you are welcome to contact the GM through this site.


Unlike in the PHB rules, metamagic feats do not increase the level of a spell. The caster must have the ability to cast spells of the increased level, but spends a spell slot of the unadjusted level to cast the spell. To compensate for this advantage, any metamagic feat can only be used three times per day. A feat can be taken multiple times to increase the number of uses. For example, a 7th level wizard wants to cast a Silent Spell enhanced Fireball. The spell is 3rd level with a +1 level adjustment, for an adjusted level of 4. The wizard has a 4th level spell slot, so he can use the metamagic feat with the spell. He memorizes it using a 3rd level spell slot. He can memorize up to three Silent 3rd level spells even though he only has one 4th level slot, and then can put an unenhanced spell into the 4th level slot. He cannot make a 4th level spell Silent until he reaches 9th level and gains the ability to cast 5th level spells.

Psionics is Different

The variant Psionics is Different from Expanded Psionics Handbook p. 65 is in play. Creatures and characters listed as having Spell Resistance retain SR if they primarily use arcane abilities, and instead gain Power Resistance if they primarily use psionic abilities. Resistance gained from a magic item is determined by the type of item. Some powerful types of creatures, such as outsiders and true dragons, have both types of resistance.

Content Specifically Disallowed:

Warforged race

Content Specifically Allowed:

Mongoose Publishing: Encyclopedia Arcane: Familiars – Crouching Monkey, Hidden Toad

House Rules

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