Driftcrag Island

Driftcrag Island lies off the Waterdeep coast in waters made treacherous by a chain of shallow ridges and peaks that break just beneath the waves. Mariners unfamiliar with the area are loath to approach without someone who knows the local waters, while locals value the peace that comes with their seclusion. In distant memory the island was the stronghold of the Arkynmath family, a line of rugged frontier barons (or pirate reavers, depending on who tells the tale) who are said to have brought the island’s first human inhabitants. The ruins of Castle Arkynmath still squat atop the lava dome that forms the island’s Northeast end.

Most of today’s human population is split between Windbreak Town, a settlement of free fisher-folk based in a natural harbor opposite the castle, and the serf-run Tillwood Estate that sprawls across the island’s interior. The two groups trade amicably with each other, as well as with a village of aquatic elves called the Clamdiggers, and the Tommyknockers – opposing clans of kobolds and gnomes that inhabit the extensive lava-tube caverns beneath Castle Arkynmath.

Windbreak Town
Tillwood Estate
The Clamdiggers
The Temple of Serene Contemplation of the Perfect Sunrise
Mulger’s Grove
Castle Arkynmath and the Tommyknockers

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Driftcrag Island

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