Tag: Driftcrag


  • Sir Marsden Tillwood

    Sir Marsden has taken over the day-to-day management of Tillwood Estate from his father after he came of age. His recent marriage to Genevive Tillwood (nee Mortigan) from Waterdeep has given him greater connections into the city's politics. He is known …

  • Sir Uthric Tillwood

    Sir Uthric is a gray-bearded knight who has buried two wives, three sons, and a daughter. Although well-respected by his neighbors on the island, he is only really close to his son Marsden. He has become increasingly reclusive as his health declines.

  • Genevive Tillwood

    Gentle-born daughter of a landless but politically connected family in Waterdeep, the Mortigans, Genevive was married to Sir Marsden to cement a mutually beneficial alliance. Though the rural environment must have been a challenge for her, she has borne …

  • Guster Bludok

    An old fisherman with a pronounced limp, Guster was elected mayor of [[Windbreak Town]] after he could no longer go to sea. He owns a house near the family mooring slip, while his son runs the family boat.

  • Father Xosios

    Father Xosios is an elderly, highly respected priest who devoted his life to contemplation so long ago that he has little use left for the real world. It is said he may go days without interacting with those around him, but that his infrequent …

  • Brother Wultarn

    Quiet, graying Brother Wultarn is chief lieutenant to [[:father-xosios]] and handles the details of administration that keep [[The Temple of Serene Contemplation of the Perfect Sunrise]] operating smoothly. Unlike most of the Temple, he shows no awe of …