Saint Aelephus

Saint Aelephus the Peacegiver, sacred to Heironeous, occupies the most revered grave on Driftcrag Island


Saint Aelephus the Peacegiver is an icon of the non-martial arm of Heironeous’ church. Tales of his wisdom and patience place him across half of Faerun during his lifetime. The final story tells of his journey to Driftcrag Island to confront a demon living in the ruins of Castle Arkynmath. It is said he allowed the demon to tear him to pieces rather than violate his Sacred Vows of Peace and Nonviolence. Local villagers, in awe of his sacrifice and thankful to be free of the demon, interred him in an ornate crypt in their own cemetery, which over the centuries has become the resting place of many others who asked to be buried near the august man. Exactly how the demon came to be killed, or even the point of Saint Aelephus forcing the confrontation, seems to have been lost in retellings of the tale.


Saint Aelephus

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