Irritable druid and scavenger of Driftcrag Island


Mulger the Wolfman, so-called for the wolf named “Man-Scent” who is never far from him, is the self-appointed guardian of Driftcrag’s remaining wild spaces. He makes his own clothing out of animal hides and doesn’t seem to bother with shaving or trimming his hair. Though he is spotted throughout the island, the locals sometimes seek him out in a place known as Mulger’s Grove. A supplicant or hunter on his territory might receive anything from free advice and even spellcasting to a thorough hide-tanning, depending on their respect for Mulger, Mulger’s respect for them, and most importantly what side of the bed Mulger got up on that morning. It is clear from his magical abilities that he follows the druidic traditions, but he has never shown interest in entertaining worshippers.



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