And Yet They Walk


Well, at long last, we finally found a sailor on this stupid island. Only took three quarters of the party dying and crawling through a dragon wanna-be infested mountain. Talk about the obvious place to find one, huh? And wouldn’t you know it, it’s the dead psi-whatever’s brother. Go figure he forgot to mention that detail, or that he was even on the island to begin with! Stupid peasants. So at least that’s over with and I can finally stand up again without crashing my head into a beam or cave ceiling dangly bit.

On a good note, the healer can finally heal this crap or so we think. Nothing like waking up in the middle of the night looking at the intestines you just hurled all over the floor. Or the pleasant experience trying to swallow them back down. At least that’s what it feels like. I’ll have to make sure he lives… Never thought I’d worry about a hovel dweller’s life before.

Everyone wants to loop around a go by the temple on the way to salvation…err Windbreak. With my luck, they’ll all be undead by now. No such free potions ahem luck. Very little assistance here and our casters actually gave their spells away for free!

In town, looks almost like we left it. Couple shamblers per building and lots on the streets. Even some just laying about. Guess in death, they carry on the way they did in life. There are quite a few boats pulled up on shore. Looks like we get our pick. Can’t figure why, but a new ship has appeared in the harbor. A two-masted sailing ship I don’t remember. Very odd it would just appear. Let alone drop anchor here. Would think the dead WALKING AROUND would be a hint, you know?

Got off shore pretty easy. The hunchback showed up. Now he’s sporting bat wings and a bigger hump. Some people get all the upgrades. Spent a few days crossing the deep with little issue.

What the hell? Smoke on the horizon and a ship sunk bow first in the harbor of Waterdeep? It can’t have spread here. That’s just not fair. Landed in a small cove and hiked the 2 miles to town. Burnt tents and wagons littered the path but strangely no bodies. Wonder if anyone else noticed the absence. Once we got in sight of the town, I couldn’t believe my eyes. One of the gates was hanging by a hinge! How do you break a door that big without a siege engine? We’ve only been gone about 3 weeks. I would have thought it would take years to take a town like this. Especially with the wizard’s guild. It’s the strongest magic town I’ve ever visited.

Streets are empty, almost even of wagons. Again. I didn’t notice any corpses. A town of over 100,000 people gone!? How? More importantly, where can I learn that trick? Here’s hoping we can finally find some loot….




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